UWA 3D Open Art Challenge March Round – SL Art Prize goes to Gore Suntzu (that’s me!)

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That was quite a surprise, i never did many art contests in sl ( i think with this are 3 in buncha years), mostly coz i am lazy and boh dunno contests are always tricky, anyway i did and won the SL Art Prize with my piece Cosmic Spectroscopy, that was cool and felt good lol.

I want to thank all the curators of the UWA Challenge and the judges who voted for me

Many good artists are monthly in the UWA challenge go take a look !

On other news: My Exhibition at Ars Simulacra is still running so go take a look if u didnt b4


Take care ūüôā

Gore Suntzu Prim Abuser

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Hello, in this post i’m showing a machinimia about my exhibition at NMC Ars Simulacra (is still running go see if u didn’t), made by a very talented machinimator and friend, Shaman Nitely ¬†Check it out!


Shaman Nitely and Elysium Hynes (his partner) own and run a great sci fi sim called Sium Garden and Space Station go take a look is great! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Meili%20City/147/127/25

Kaleidoscopical Humbugs

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Kaleidoscopical Humbugs, originally uploaded by Gore Suntzu.

New Works (Prims Abuses) by Gore Suntzu (that’s me!)

Opening reception with artist on Sunday 30th Jan 2.30 SLT


In this exhibition you can find 11 new works, 3 almost new and 2 old ones (are my fetishes i bring them in every exhibition i do).

I would like to thanks Tayzia Abattoir for the opportunity she gave me, it was lovely to be able to work without the fear of running out of prims and with no pressure and deadlines!


– Set the Sun on Midnight

– Change the Water Setting to Valdez

Old clients: World/Environment Settings/Environment Editor/Advanced Water/Water Presets:Valdez

Client 2.0: World/Sun/Environment Editor/Advanced Water/Water Presets:Valdez.

– When you enter the place wait 5 sec.

Ye Olde Prim Abuser Shoppe is Open!

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After a long time with no creative mood, i decided a couple of week ago, (a month maybe) to put out of market all the sculptures i did till i started abusing prims (some are still on sale for the month of september at the Ventura Arte and Jardin exibition) except for the “Phoenix Rising”.

No Artsy Drama involved, i am lazy and if i dont have some kind of motivation i tend to stay idle lol, so i did that in the quest for find me motivation in do some new stuffs.

Well i think it worked! (well i hope..) and here i am back on track with a new place at Boston Art Sim and 11 new pieces ūüôā

I will prolly do a sorta opening in a couple of weeks but couldn’t stand to see the place finished without telling to peeps.

Ye Olde Prim Abuser Shoppe is open come take a look if u want !


Ventura Arte & Jardin present Seasons

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“The seasons are what a symphony ought to be:¬† four perfect movements in harmony with each other. ” ~Arthur Rubenstein
“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”¬† ~Stanley Horowitz
‚ÄúSpring passes and one remembers one’s innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance. Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence. Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance‚ÄĚ
yoko ono

VENTURA ARTE & JARDIN presents “SEASONS” exhibiting the works of Eves Rodenberger, Carlotta Ceawlin and sculpture by Gore Suntzu; Sunday Sept 12/ 12pm -2pm
Music to dream of seasons by FrankLee Anatra (1230=130)


3D and Saturation! New Exibition by Elliebob Bean

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From the Notecard about the Exibition

In my new collection of abstract Second Life  images, I have attempted to capture the vibrant colors, shapes and depth of the many characters that are born, and die, oftentimes in a blink of an eye, as a new SL creation is being made.

A single square wood box evolving into a magnificent, musical, entity of flowing, pulsating light and color.

These are images are captured and edited by me, but it is impossible for me to not mention Gore Suntzu’s Prims Abuse sculptures because that is exactly what these images are from.

I, considering myself to be very lucky to be able to experience the birth of these creations, stand beside him (or ride piggyback sometimes) as he is experimenting with various shapes, textures and scripts.

I am always FASCINATED with the  characters that come to life in this process.  Capturing them in a snapshot is my way of preserving as many as I can before they are eliminated and something different comes from it.  I find myself imagining how someone- somewhere in the world could probably  make this into an incredible piece of RL art.

The music and movement together are especially hypnotic during this creative process. Ozric Tentacles and Gore’s Prims Abuse sculptures are a perfect match, like a fine wine and cheese ūüėČ

So this is my point of view. I hope you enjoy my images!

Elliebob Bean

On display
2nd Floor of The Full Cup Coffee House


September 12th-30th, 2010

4 Seasons Inspired – Prim Abuses Mandalas

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Hello fellows abused by the primsabuser (if there are any..) fighting a lack of mood i completed a lil idea i had sometime ago about do 4 of my stuffs inspired by the 4 season, (no not the kind of pizza) here are some pics and the slurl.

Dont forget to tp up at moonspell art studio and take a look at Elliebob Bean Abstract Abused Pictures Exibition!.

I like the ideas of the Mandalas, ty to Celestina Bardot for make me notice the analogies between some of my works and mandalas.

I’m working also on a bigger stuff more info when mood catch ciao!